Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 91

May 9
Today was really good. We played a lot of basketball for pday. FHE was good. Larry cancelled so we made a couple visits. 

May 10
This afternoon we helped out at Eve's place. We had dinner with Haleigh and she let her uncle who is a cop taze her which was pretty awesome haha! We shared our initiative with the Biorns and then met with Larry to end the night. 

May 11
Today I was on exchanges with Elder Gonzales in his area. We mowed some ladies lawn. We taught one of their investigators. We had dinner at a good Mexican restaurant. We went to their coordination meeting then a made a couple visits before exchanging back. 

May 12
Today was good. We did weekly planning. We had dinner with Tyler and Emerson Smith who then went with us to our lesson with Ashley. We made some visits before our lesson with Brother and Sister Mcclellan family to end the night. 

May 13
Today was good. We went to two of the district meetings. We had dinner with Ariana Jackson and Seth which was some good gumbo! We made visits all night. 

May 14
Today was interesting. We had a meeting with Brother Muller the High councilor over missionary work in preparation for stake coordination tomorrow. We met with Sister Wentworth. We made visits all afternoon and had an early dinner. On our way to our lesson we got rear ended so we had to take about an hour getting that sorted out. We made visits the rest of the night. 

May 15
Today was crazy but good. We had church as usual. We had stake coordination with Peoria North afterwards. We had dinner with the Sharpe's which was good. We had our lesson with Jaclyn fall through and then we went to the cottage meeting at president Williams house to end the night. 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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