Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 92

May 16
Today was pretty awesome! Basketball was a lot of fun! We had to reschedule with Rachael. We went to FHE then we went and made visits the rest of the evening. 

May 17
Today we went and got an appraisal for the car and then picked up supplies. We made some visits before having dinner with the McClellan's. We went to the relief society presidency meeting and then coordination. We made visits the rest of the night. 

May 18
Today I was with Elder Hulett in their area. We had a really good day. The afternoon we had coordination with their Ward mission leader and then it was full of visits. After dinner we had a lesson fall through and then met with a family that has the husband excommunicated and it was a super spiritual lesson and they are now going to work their way towards being sealed. We had coordination with all their ward missionaries before exchanging back. Elder Melsen and Glanzer had a really successful day in our are as well! 

May 19
Today was good. After weekly planning the Le's dropped off dinner. We made a couple visits before going out to visit the Bones and then the Workman's with Brother Selin. 

May 20
Today was a struggle. I was sick all day so going out and working was a grind but it was a good day nonetheless. District meeting went well. We made visits including sharing a message with Brother Danielson. We had dinner with the Bierman's who re really cool. We followed up with the Kelly's. We made some more visits to end the night. 

May 21
Today was good. Jesus rescheduled on us. We made visits all afternoon until our lesson with the Ortega's which went super well! We had dinner with the Hadley's. We made a couple visits before meeting with Bishop Alkema who is the man!!!

May 22
Today was good. We went to the Bierman's to meet with the priest presidency. We had church which was good. Nick VanAlstine came! After dinner at the apartment we made some visits. We shared a message with the Watson family then finished the night with more visits. 

May 23
Today was good. Our lesson with Jesus fell through. We plugged in our indicators for the zone into the computer. We had a lesson with some other Elders and Alondra who will be moving into our ward before her baptism. We helped our YSA ward set up for their picnic activity then ate there made some visits and came back to tear it down. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Ashby

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